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               WOODCARVER       Andy  Moore      finest woodcarvings from Scotland

                                               welcomes you to :   Andeezartinwood


         PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SITE CAN BE VIEWED AND WILL RUN FOR A YEAR BUT IS BEING REPLACED BY :       www.andrewmoore-woodcarver.co.uk     as  from  march 1st 2015................so suggest  using new site.           

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The plinth- mounted pegasus is shown here in ebony-stained mahogany and South African Imbuia. This is a series two deluxe item that also comes available in other timbers ( a white sycamore or maple work very well for this item.)



This is a simple reference site for those interested in art in wood, or who may be familiar with my work, presented through galleries, craft shops or craft fairs throughout Scotland and England since 1986.
This is a small site but one which may give the reader an idea of the artist and his products.
Apart from the contents of this site, Andy Moore also produces hand made electric guitars at SHARKATTACKGUITARS page 
  UNICORN: in white sycamore or ebony-stained mahogany comes plinth mounted in Series 2 or as a deluxe bowl
SLUG ON APPLE: for collectors of wooden fruit this is the icing on the cake! The apple is carved from tulipwood with an inlay of sycamore rebate-carved to realistically resemble an intrusion into the apple ( not left flat to the surface ).
The core ends are from rosewood whilst the slug has been carved from padauk sapwood  and fits snugly around the apple.


WREN: lifesize and carved from scottish yew.The eyes are inlaid ebony, the tree is boxwood and the leaves are from ropala lacewood. This is a series two deluxe item and can be recreated to order utilising other complimentary timbers. ENDANGERED SPECIES features the adult seal and pup, often threatened by oil spillage, looking on at mankind sinking into his own polution. WHO THEN IS TRULY ENDANGERED? ( incidently, I dont usually use endangered exotic woods, but in this instant ,to add to the point, I use snakewood, pink ivory and Sri lankan ebony)





PRICES & PAYMENTS :  Please go to prices page for details of online purchasing
Because all wood is different you will get a unique item. Ask about any item and pictures of present stock can be sent and if totally happy, payment can be made  by paypal , bank transfer ( BACS) or personal cheque.
TRADE: to qualify for trade  prices, a bona-fide trade company must order a minimum of 100.00 on initial order and pay for this by proforma. A TRADE PRICE catalogue can be forwarded if you contact me at above Email or telephone 01307 840424 ( UK ) .

EBAY:  Please also note that I exhibit very special Items in my Ebay shop at a reduced price